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“Where is my son?” The agonizing wait of parents searching for their children after Florida school shooting

Parents of students at Stoneman Douglas High School waited for hours to learn whether their children were safe, wounded or dead. After midnight, the FBI identified the dead.

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The economic fallout of deportation: crowdfunding requests for immigrants spike under Trump

In 2017, GoFundMe – one of the leading crowdfunding platforms – saw a 100% spike in money collected by campaigns linked to deportations.

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From New York to Washington: Dreamers walk for rights of the undocumented

On the day President Trump ordered the end of the DACA program, these young people decided to pause their daily lives to take an extraordinary journey: over two weeks, they walked 250 miles from New York to Washington, D.C. to fight for their rights.

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Cornered by Trump: An undocumented woman hopes to save her family’s tire shop, alone and with an ankle monitor

Guatemalan immigrant Maty Muy went to an ICE office in March to renew her work permit and wound up facing a nightmare. Her husband was detained and she got an ankle monitor. She now fixes tires in the family's shop and fights to remain in the United States, where their son was born. Her case reflects how deportation priorities have shifted under Trump.

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Interview with Bolivia’s Evo Morales on Pope Francis’ visit to the South American country

Bolivia's President Evo Morales said on Friday that Pope Francis, who concluded a three-day official visit to the South American country, is the world's most skilled politician.

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Latin American presidents and their often love affair with Twitter

BUENOS AIRES –  Whenever Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez uses Twitter, controversy often follows. Although tweet discussions range in content and frequency, there's never a lack of debate.

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Costa Rica ready to open hydroelectric plant

Costa Rica is putting the finishing touches on the largest hydroelectric power project in Central America, as the last generators come on line.

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Honduran government-run program provides free coffins for the destitute

The growing demand for coffins has pushed local authorities in Honduras to start programs giving them away for free.

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A look at Mexico’s booming bullet-proof industry

Fearful Mexico City residents find methods to guarantee safety

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Takoma rabbi aims to run DC's first legal marijuana dispensary

At a time when the federal government labels marijuana a controlled substance and rejects drug trade legalization in Latin America as in other parts of the world, having an operating therapeutic marijuana program in its backyard – literally – could be seen as a slap in the face.

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WestMill's latest: a pop-up events startup to enliven empty spaces

In just weeks, WestMill will launch Rise Events Corp. The purpose: to rent WestMill's vacant spaces -- like the Powerhouse, at 3255 Grace St. NW -- until the properties are sold or leased.

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For Some, Learning English is Business

Lorena Arroyo is part of a class of immigrants who arrived in the United States expecting to beef up their English skills. Ivy League universities, state colleges and private institutions have opened their doors – with newly created English as a foreign language programs - to an influx of students from around the world.

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